Rockin’ a Summer Half Marathon

The final few miles of the Whidbey Island Half Marathon in April were grueling. That last stretch is always tough for me, but this was different. In addition to being physically exhausted, my mental outlook on the race went in the toilet when I saw the two-hour pacer pass me. After two lackluster halfs in… Read More Rockin’ a Summer Half Marathon

Whidbey Island Half: Personal Redemption & Four Observations           

Redemption feels good. It even feels good when it’s a minuscule bit of personal redemption that no one else cares about, like finally running a decent half marathon again. The two California-based halfs I ran in 2016 were scenic and beautiful, but my running was slow and ugly. I channeled my disappointment into a lot… Read More Whidbey Island Half: Personal Redemption & Four Observations