Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle: Let Me Eat Cake

In the past, when a half marathon was on the horizon, I’ve used this blog space to lay out my personal goals for the race. It’s a chance to reflect on my training and take stock in where I’m at as a runner. For this Sunday’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half, I have but one simple goal: Ice cream cake.

Previous goals have involved things like PRs and enjoying the scenery. This time my only goal is to finish because there will be a frozen treat waiting for me when I do.

You see, a few weeks back, my wife suggested picking up ice cream cake (a personal favorite) for my Father’s Day dessert. In addition to celebrating my undisputed position as “America’s #1 Dad” on Sunday, I will also be participating in the aforementioned half marathon, so stuffing my face full of ice cream that’s been frozen into a cake-like structure seems entirely appropriate.

(Though I will probably celebrate with bourbon and beer as well.)

one dad 2
Anyone who doubts my fathering prowess can simple read the shirt.


And while I’m excited to throw down with my fellow runners on Sunday (my 10th half marathon!), I’m also looking forward to it being over. My decision to break tradition and run two half marathons within a couple months of each other may have been a mistake. Or perhaps just bad timing. I got sick on the second weekend of training and it took almost two weeks to shake the dreaded illness. To make matters worse, my body seems to be seeking vengeance for all I’ve been putting it through this year. I’ve developed tightness in my hips and lower abdominal region, which has led to many mediocre training runs, including an 8-miler that was a real shitburger.

(Speaking of burgers, I’m also going to celebrate this race with a cheeseburger. I may not get around to it on Father’s Day — I’ll be busy with ice cream cake — but I’m definitely shoveling a greasy, artery-hardening burger into my mouth at some point next week.)

However, things have been turning around in the last couple of weeks. I’ve managed two very good 6-mile runs and some modest stretching seems to be helping my hips. I’m hoping these developments mean I won’t flame out this weekend or that I can at least delude myself into thinking I’m going to do well during the first half of the race. Enjoying half of a half marathon is better than hating the whole thing.

So for the next few days I am staying positive. I am upbeat, I am ready, and I am looking forward to this race.

(You know what else I’m looking forward to? Pizza. I think I’m going to have pizza next week. Maybe deep dish. And I’m also going to do some serious weeknight drinking. Perhaps a vodka tonic or a margarita on the deck. Or both!)

pizza beer
Most flat surfaces in my apartment look this way the week after a half marathon.

More than anything I’m going to relax. The Rock ‘n’ Roll events are always big and loud and fun. I’m going to soak in the day, listen to the bands as I shuffle by their stages, and collect my sweet ass finisher’s medal when I finally arrive at Century Link Field.

(And then I’m going to eat a ton of ice cream cake.)

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