The Return of Warm Weather Running

Spring has arrived. Sure there are some regions still suffering from the bitter sting of snowy cold (Colorado, I’m looking in your direction), but for the most part Americans are now basking in the glory of blooming trees, longer daylight hours, and warming temperatures.

No one’s more excited about spring’s return than I am.

As I have stated on numerous occasions in this blog, I am not a fan of winter. As someone whose formative years were spent in Upstate New York, a region that transforms into a snowy hellscape for months starting every November, I’ve seen the worst that winter has to offer. And I want no part of it. So while I no longer live in a Hoth-like climate zone, I still hold a grudge against the season that brings cloud cover and cold into my life.

The sun sets on a nice evening of non-winter running.

My distaste for the cold is simply part of who I am, but my animosity has been amplified in recent years as I’ve become a more serious runner. I am not a fan of how winter weather affects my running habits, so much so that I consciously dial it back during the holiday season. My argument against winter running is simple:

Lower temperatures and dampness = bad 
Layering in spandex and fleece = bad
Running tights = very bad!

However, I endure these lackluster months each year because I know it’s temporary. (And because I don’t want to run on a treadmill.) Eventually better weather will return and I can get back to running in comfy shorts and shades, the sunshine bathing my body in sweet, sweet warmth.

This runner is enjoying a beautiful, summer run or calmly fleeing a forest fire.

And now that the seasons are changing, I am excited by what spring and summer have to offer me as a runner beyond warmer temps and a chance to expose my legs. My first half marathon of 2016 (Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon) is two weeks from Saturday. My wife and I are planning on participating in numerous shorter races, including a couple of 5Ks with our 9-year-old son. There will also be myriad training runs, both long and short, that I will enthusiastically undertake because I want to get outside and soak up the day, as opposed to the mandatory miles I begrudgingly endure during the winter.

I’m so fired up I’m even considering signing up to run a second half marathon in the coming months! (If I’m being honest, the probability of this becoming a reality will drop significantly around mile 9 of next month’s half.)

Of course, like all good things, summer will eventually end and winter will return; its arrival as inevitable as sports-related heartache in the city of Cleveland. Before you know it, we’ll be wearing warm coats and complaining about how early we’re seeing Christmas–themed merchandise in box stores.

But until that day arrives, I’ll be strapping on my Brooks, slathering myself in sweatproof sunblock, and enjoying each and every moment of sunshine and good weather I possibly can.

Carpe Solis!

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