GO LONG Floating Bridge 10K: 12 Pictures

The people of the Pacific Northwest are known for being outdoors-y. In fact, the State of Washington requires all of its citizens to own at least three pieces of fleece clothing. Up in these parts people love hiking, biking to work, and something called geoduck hunting. So it’s not terribly surprising that up this way we celebrate the opening of a new bridge by running across it.

This past Saturday I was one of the 13,000 people who participated in the GO LONG Floating Bridge 10K. This festive celebration of metropolitan infrastructure improvement began in the parking lot of Husky Stadium and the University of Washington campus. From there it was a very fun yet very crowded race over the Montlake Bridge, down to the 520 Bridge and, of course, across the bridge and Lake Washington. Eventually, we turned around and ran back.

My wife and I were able to document the event via are super awesome smart phones. Below are my 12 favorite pictures from the race.

My sweet number and my sweet race shirt.
The author rocking the orange because Syracuse men’s and women’s teams play in their respective Final Fours this weekend.
Lots of participants, ready to take on the bridge!
Descending onto the new 520 bridge and Lake Washington. 
Some of those weird pillar things people take pictures in front of. 
Thousands of Seattleites making their way across.
A view of Lake Washington and the old 520 bridge.
For one family, it’s selfie time at the turnaround.
20160402_085140 (alt)
A runner’s favorite sign… the finish line.
Run over. Time to take care of a little post-race business.
Runners find a familiar face on their way to the finish line.
Mr. and Mrs. Reluctant Runner… cold and tired.

The GO LONG Floating Bridge 10K was so a great event. Can’t wait to run another race on a bridge.

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