It’s National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day!

Who knew National Running Day was even a thing? I didn’t until I saw #nationalrunningday on Twitter late last night. I’m certainly not surprised such a day exists  — every day is National Something Day – I just didn’t know the day set aside for running was June 3rd.

As soon as I realized National Running Day was hours away, I began to wonder what I could do to celebrate running. After all, running has become a big part of my life these past few years and I would be remiss if I didn’t pay it a proper tribute.

Who would I be without running? I mean, I’d be me, but probably a much less in shape version of me. Without running I’d have less energy, less medals, and less fluorescent clothing. Without running I wouldn’t own a bib belt or know what nipple balm was. Without running my body fat level would be at “alarming” instead of merely “could do better.”

Since National Running Day falls on a Wednesday, I can’t celebrate by participating in an organized race. So I ran two miles instead. But I always run two miles on Wednesdays. So that’s not really much of a celebration.

Looks like a running celebration.
Celebrate running by… running.

Whatever I decide to do, it’ll have to wait until later. I have to work this morning. And get two fillings at the dentist. And work again. And pick up my son from school, get him to do his homework then take him to his soccer game.

Maybe I can do something after all of that.

However, after soccer we have to come home and eat dinner with my wife. But I may have some free time after doing the dishes and putting my son to bed. Yes, a nighttime celebration.  Perfect.

So what can I do in the twilight hours of a Wednesday that would properly demonstrate the love and gratitude I have for running?

I could run again. After all, what better way to revere this simple form of exercise than by simply engaging in it a second time? But that’s probably too much. I have a soccer game on Thursday night and a 10k on Sunday and I wouldn’t want to overextend my 41-year-old legs.

I could organize my drawer of running clothes. That thing is a mess; just a wrinkled heap of lightweight tech shirts, compression gear, and shorts with crotch lining. However, folding sportswear doesn’t seem like a very celebratory activity. That, and I really don’t want to do it.

Beer is as good a reason to run as any.
Beer is as good a reason to run as any.

I could drink beer. I like doing that. On its surface, imbibing my favorite alcoholic beverage may not seem like it has anything to do with running.  I assure you it does. Running is what allows me to continue to enjoy finely crafted ales and lagers without packing on the pounds. Without running, drinking beer might be slowly killing me. With running, beer is simply reapplying the calories I burned off by running.

Perhaps there’s no easy way for me to celebrate National Running Day. Perhaps I’ll just put this blog post out there for my fellow runners to read. Not that they’ll have time. They’ll be too busy celebrating running in a more appropriate fashion… whatever that may be.

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