Reluctant Nuggets: May 2015

Trying something new this week. Instead of a full post of me blathering on and on about subjects like compression tights or the calamity that is early morning running, I’m going to simply touch on a few running related topics that have caught my attention this week.

Technically, it’s still me blathering, but it’s more like little nuggets of blathering. Hence the admittedly lame name. At some point I’ll come up with a cleverer name for these types of posts. For now, we’re all stuck with Reluctant Nuggets.

• Got an email the other day inviting me to see pictures from the Tacoma City Half Marathon I participated in on May 3rd. Yikes. In my pre-race post I claimed to be working on poses in order to avoid horrible race photographs. Clearly I failed. Every image features me with “my mouth agape” and my “wrists limply dangling in the breeze.” These pictures (along with most taken of me at half marathons) offer clear, indisputable evidence that I am a big time mouth breather.

• Learned this week that the first ever qualifiers only half marathon will take place this November in San Diego. I will not be participating. However, I am pleased to announce that I could participate if I wanted to. My last two halfs were completed in under two hours, which is the minimum time for the Men 40-44 age group. I also learned that this race features the most patriotic finisher’s medal… ever.

These colors don't run! (Unless they're being worn by a runner.)
These colors don’t run! (You know, unless they’re being worn by a runner.)

• Leave it to a citizen of Philadelphia, a town whose sports fans once booed Santa, to write an article about why he hates runners and running. Obviously, I disagree with 95% of what he writes. But I still found it pretty amusing. Hope to see him write a scathing piece on cyclists since they’re easily ten times more annoying than runners.

• Like most Americans I’ve lived a life of ignorance, never knowing what the hell those extra lace holes on my running shoes were for. But thanks to a video that’s been making the rounds on social media, I am no longer in the dark. It appears these auxiliary eyelets allow us to tie our shoes in a way that helps prevent blisters. If my feet every become badly blistered, I’m totally trying this.

• This Sunday is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Portland. I ran this race two years ago and loved it. Not only because Portland is a great city and the Rock ‘n’ Roll people organized a fantastic race featuring a phenomenal selection of post-race grub, but also because I ran against my sister and won. Bragging about outrunning my little sis might seem shamelessly unsporting, but she talked a lot of junk leading up to that race. So she gets what she gets.

• This weekend my quaint little Western Washington town celebrates its Norwegian heritage with Viking Fest, a three day event that allows grown men to wear horned hats without irony. One of the events is a 5-mile road race my wife and I are participating in. Last year I ran a 41:57 time on what I’m pretty sure was a fractured toe. (Not too shabby.) This year my toe is pain-free so I’m hoping to shave a minute or so off last year’s time.  I’ll also be losing my bib belt virginity and avoiding the hardship that is pinning a number to a shirt. I am legitimately excited about this.

Enjoy the weekend and work in some running. Even if you don’t want to.

2 thoughts on “Reluctant Nuggets: May 2015

  1. The ugly race photos aren’t your fault buddy. Don’t blame yourself. Race photographers should be licensed, or have to pass a test. They need to stop shooting shots from their knees that capture our double chins. They need to use burst mode for crying out loud and select a pic with our eyes open and mouths closed. They need to act like professionals.

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